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Introducing Our...Advertising Exchange

The advertising expertise comes from an exchange of more than just "ads". It constitutes a total image-building program, which has already produced an impressive track record.

All merchandising and advertising both externally and internally is geared around a "Club Concept" which opens the doors in the marketplace to the multitudes of consumers not responsive to a "school" or "studio" approach.

Our totally developed "Club Concept" overcomes many of the objections that, due to obsolescence, have become a major obstacle to obtaining interviews in sufficient quantities.

We provide an ongoing laboratory for the development of such key elements as Websites, use of "Social Media" and the more traditional media PLUS Sustaining Referral Programs. In Addition, our most experienced Member Owners are on hand to assist you in the successful installation of any and all of these.

Business Tools

We provide a number of tools to help you both run and monitor your businesses closely. The "monitoring" aspect comes in the form of "Reports".

The most comprehensive is the STUDIO PERFORMANCE REPORT, also known as the "SPS Report" and/or the "Gold Report".

This report keeps track of every aspect of your business including an analysis of where your Interviews are coming from, how many enroll, haw many of these that come up for an Extension close and the number actually Extended. The same is tracked for your Re-Extensions to an Awards, Medal program. In your Renewal Department we track lessons taught, lessons sold, Contract Sales Volume and Pupil Worth. Renewal Department Pupil Worth is, based on your performance to date what Dollar amount you can expect from each Member for a twelve-month period. Finally we track your Total Studio, Club Gross Receipts and Contract Sales Volume. The report contains the current week, year to date and last year at the same time.

Procedures and Promotions

Innovative Business Promotions and Practical Systems of Processing Sales are other valuable business tools provided to our Members.

We offer a full selection of manuals covering ...Teaching - Sales - Service - Supervision - Management.

Sales Contests

The Sales contests are for the teachers, specialists and supervisors. All contests are six weeks long.

Mid November to Christmas (Tournament of Champions)

Mid May to e/o June (Spring Festival)

Both help generate extra cash flow in the six weeks leading up to both the Summer Holidays and Christmas.

This is the same philosophy as adopted by department store sales. We stage two "New Student department" sales contests (Spring and Fall) which are contests to encourage extra activity in the new client department by tapping into the competitive spirit of your specialist teachers and sales staff.

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