OUR CONCEPT is an ASSOCIATION of dance business professionals known as....

TCDance Club International

         - not a franchise, but rather an organization that can produce and share in the most important aspects of successful Dance organizations. Our format allows for complete owner controls within the realm of good business practices ... all for a minimal fixed fee.

Our strength comes from the financial success of the individual Clubs. It is toward this end that we direct our efforts. As a member, you may avail yourself of our extensive resources, including proven advertising programs, sales techniques, and the combined talents of Dance Professionals, such as yourself, people active in the field and facing the daily problems of operation.


School Operators Whether you presently operate a school or would like to...
TC Dance Club International has all the answers. We can get you started or help you improve your present operation. TCDC is a company dedicated to the creation, maintenance and improvement of Social Ballroom Dancing Schools and Clubs. If you are tired of exorbitant fees and restrictive contracts or are just starting out then TCDC is your answer.

Join TCDC now. Our contracts are simple and fees inexpensive.

The strength of our organization is training and information regarding operating a successful Dance Studio/Club.

  • Club Organization & Planning Assistance
  • Administrative Assistance including bookkeeping, pay scales and budgets
  • Employee Assistance - recruiting and training.
  • How to get New Business
  • Advertising - Referral Programs - Telephone Solicitation - Direct Mail

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