Mission Statement

  • To provide the best technical tools and training to our affiliates offering comprehensive services, up to date programming and sales direction to enhance each club's individual growth.

  • To promote the continued health and growth of our organization by attracting like-minded affiliates throughout the country.

  • To project a vision of excellence in social dance.


Terry Irwin

Co-Owner of TC Dance Club International

Terry Irwin has been in the business for 32 years and has owned and operated the Adagio Dance Club, the TC Dance club in Appleton, Wisconsin, for 25 of them. Terry is the Chairman of our International Dance Board. As chairman, he is responsible for the dance syllabus and standards for both instructors and students throughout the whole organization. He is among the most knowledgeable and experienced Dance Masters in the U.S.A. Terry has considerable experience in the competitive world and has won numerous prestigious championships. He has a good number of professional couples among his personal students. His extensive experience in choreography for both television and the theater included musicals, pageants and fashion shows. Terry's skills and experiences also extend to theatrical work including coaching and choreography. Mr. Irwin considers the most important role in his professional life is as a Green Bay Packer supporter.


Dan Caballero

Co-Owner of TC Dance Club International

Dan enjoys 35 years in the industry. Dan's career has taken him through most aspects of the industry including teaching, competitive dancing, choreography and Club ownership. Among his competitive accomplishments, he became a United States Champion in the South East. As a member of the International Dance Board of the Arthur Murray organization, he was responsible for the creation of syllabuses, training and examination of professional teachers. His career in choreography included spectacular Dance Numbers for famous fashion designers shows. Currently Dan is a Dance Master and coach for the whole of the TC organization and owner of the Baton Rouge TC Dance Club since 1975.

History of TC Dance Club International